Dazzle everyone with remarkable glow!

Multifunctional body and face illuminator contains light reflecting particles that give the skin silky glow and stunning radiance. Apply it point-to-point onto the cheekbones, neckline, under the brow arch or combine it with a foundation. Light formula blends perfectly with the complexion, instantly illuminating dull and tired skin. Handy tube with ophthalmic tip makes dosing extremely easy. It is ideal for everyday make-up, looks perfect in evening version.

Innovative formula:

  • Vitamin A, E and F complex accelerates epidermal cell regeneration, enhances skin tone, stimulates collagen synthesis, has anti-free radical effect, greases, protects, nourishes, regenerates
  • Mica gives silkiness and perfectly adsorbs sebum
  • 99,5% GLYCERINE moisturizes, penetrates into deeper skin layers, improves skin elasticity and softness.

How to use:
Illuminating Emulsion may be applied in different ways: apply it under the foundation or mix with it to achieve the effect of healthy, radiant complexion. Also ideal for finishing the make-up, when applied onto the selected areas of the face: lighten the brow arch, eye corners, cheekbones, nose or apply a small amount over the Cupid's bow to optically enlarge the lips.

SHADOWS: 01 Starlight, 02 Honeymoon, 03 Twilght.