Gracja Collagen nourishing cream

The unique combination of the ingredients of this cream, enriched with collagen and elastin, which can easily penetrate into the skin, make it elastic, smooth wrinkles and improve its vitality. It moisturizes and tightens the skin, while modeling the shape of the face. Nourishing Cream with elastin is designed for the daily care of the sensitive area around the eyes, face, neck and décolleté. Regular use of the cream makes your skin properly nourished, smooth and supple, face recovers a fresh, youthful look. The product is absorbed very well and is an excellent treatment for the damaged by sunlight skin. It is recommended for all skin types including dry, irritable, rough and with the symptoms of loss of firmness and flexibility.

Effects *:

  • More tight and elastic skin – 89 %
  • Winkle reduction – 92 %
  • Hydration and elasticity – 85 %
  • Bright and fresh skin – 95 %

*satisfaction survey, conducted in a group of consumers for 4 weeks. 


called "the protein of youth" has the ability to penetrate deep into the skin, it helps to maintain proper moisture level of the skin, as well as improves its elasticity and flexibility by stretching and shaping facial contours. It strengthens the collagen fibers, reduces wrinkles and slows the aging process of the skin.

ELASTIN - helps to maintain and improve the elasticity of the skin in case of changes primarily associated with the formation of wrinkles. It has smoothing properties.

SILK – it forms a protective filter on the skin surface which inhibits water loss, reduces the roughness of the skin, smoothes and tones it. It gives a mild lifting effect.

VITAMIN A - acts as a stimulus in the construction of new cells, it regenerates the dermis. It works on the reconstruction of collagen fibers thanks to which wrinkles are smoothed, the skin becomes more elastic and brighter.

Capacity: 50 ml