JOKO Mystery eyeshadow palette

Palette made out of love to colors.

Set of 10 delightful intensely pigmented and saturated colors. The combination of noble mats and shiny shades makes it unique. Perform both classic daily and evening GLAMOUR makeup.

Joko MOOD BOARD is the collection of two intensely pigmented palettes inspired by the latest trends. Mystery and Exultation palettes free up your creativity! Compose makeup creations: from natural, daily, to expressive - for special occasions. MOOD BOARD offers full spectrum of possibilities! Each palette contains perfectly selected eyeshades with matt and glossy finish, compatible with every type of complexion and, depending on the desired effect, allow for gradual enhancement of color saturation. 

 Innovative formula: 

●Extremely light, do not crumble or spill. 

●Each eyeshadow is characterized by pleasant, creamy texture, ease of application and excellent durability.

●Formula of the eyeshadows contains light diffusing ingredients, ensuring adhesion and coverage,

as well as emollients, which additionally moisturize and smooth delicate eye skin.

Remember :)

What is MOOD BOARD? First and foremost, this is the source of interesting ideas, inspirations, patterns and colors. Just like JOKO palettes - enclosed in the elegant package with a mirror, they are the perfect balance between elegance, creativity and practicality. Makeup has never been so nice and easy!