MAKE UP IS TRENDY! Sensually emphasized look

JOKO Makeup Set #1 contains:

- Eyeliner Perfect Wings

- Eye Shadow MONO #504

- Brow Pencil #02


PERFECT WINGS is an extremely precise eyeliner in the form of a comfortable pen with a long, properly shaped tip. The eyeliner guarantees the desired underlining and allows you to get a precise line - either thiner or thicker. The formula with high pigment content guarantees deep and shiny black shade. It does not leave streaks, does not smudge and is waterproof, which makes it extremely durable. No corrections needed during the whole day!

EXPERT COLOUR & SHAPE BROW PENCIL BROW PENCIL - extremely precise double-ended brow pencil. Automatic brow pencil of creamy texture with special diagonal shape on one side and spiral brush that combes the brows thoroughly to obtain more natural look. The pencil is available in 4 matching shades from light brown to black, that is why it is ideal either for the blondes, brunettes or dark-haired women. Thanks to the specially developed formula, the pencil is easy to apply and provides flawless, long-lasting makeup, even up to 16 hours. The colour does not smudge or fade. The brows look fresh and natural the whole day!

EYE SHADOW MONO MONO MINERAL SHADOWS thanks to the content of only natural pigments perfectly emphasize the character of the look, while nourishing the delicate skin of the eyelids. Free of artificial fillers and preservatives, they are a perfect solution for women with sensitive skin. The baking process guarantees even application of the cosmetic on the eyelid, ensuring better shadow durability and greater color intensity. Eye shadows provide a metallic finish, can be used dry and wet. Wet application makes the color darker, the shadows become waterproof. The innovative formula enriched with argan oil, thanks to baking technology, guarantees maximum adhesion.