Mineral Baked Blush JOKO

Mineral formula of the blush enriched with argan oil makes the blush blend perfectly with the skin, delicately highlighting the cheekbones and modeling the face in a natural way. Well pigmented, gives the effect of healthy glow, adding warm, blushing and gradable shade to the face. 


♥ 6 color shades

♥ 100% natural pigments, no artificial fillers or preservatives

♥ baking technique combines excellent quality and extraordinary  durability, the blush does not spill or wear off

♥ no heavy coverage effect

♥ models, contours, illuminates


Blush should be as close to your skin tone as possible, so that it maximally defines the shape of your cheeks. Apply it only on the tops of your cheekbones, blending lightly down to the ear line to emphasize them.

Your skin is light, like rose petals? Pale pink would be the ideal color. Your skin tone is closer to olive? Delicate peach is the perfect color. Your skin tone is dark? The ideal shade is close to ....,

which can also be used as a sun substitute by women of all complexions.