Miraculum Anti-Age POWER OF REJUVENATION Night Cream

balanced care in harmony with nature

natural origin 

BAKUCHIOL – is the plant equivalent of retinol with strong wrinkle reducing properties. Protects the skin, nourishes it and prevents loss of moisture at night. Improves its elasticity and tension. SHEA BUTTER – is the rich source of vitamin A and E that are responsible, among others, for delaying skin aging process.Supports skin regeneration and firmness. OIL COMPLEX (MACADAMIA OIL, MONOI OIL, QUINOA EXTRACT) – ensures lipid balance through moisturization, reinforcement and regeneration. VITAMIN E – strong antioxidant neutralizes free radicals, supports skin regeneration and firmness.


  • reduces wrinkles
  • improves elasticity


BAKUCHIOL • 4D HYALURONIC ACID • MIX OF OILS (monoi, macadamia, sunflower, quinoa) • SQUALANE • OLIVE OIL • BTI. E • SHEA BUTTER