Aqua Plus start your day with MOISTURIZING

Aqua Plus start your day with MOISTURIZING


Light, deeply moisturizing day cream for prone to dehydration and dry skin reducing the signs of skin aging.

Do you live an active life and often expose your face to dangerous UV rays? Or maybe you spend time in air-conditioned rooms or go to the swimming pool? If so, then you well know the feeling of dried, tight and irritated skin.

We come to the rescue!

AQUA PLUS is a cream with a delicate texture, rich in selected active ingredients. They are quickly absorbed by the skin and help to retain water. Thanks to the protective hydrolipid coat it effectively eliminates the feeling of dry and tight skin. The key moisturizing component is trehalose, present in Rose of Jericho, well-known for maintaining proper hydration level. When in combination with HydraSynol™ DOI, which is responsible for the transportation and control over the water level in skin cells, it deeply and instantly hydrates the skin. Hyaluronic acid contained in the cream fills and visibly reduces wrinkles, preventing the creation of new and improves firmness. The formula is enriched with vitamin E called the vitamin of youth and UV filters, which protect the skin against photo-aging.


APPLICATION: apply every morning to thoroughly cleansed face, neck and neckline. It is especially recommended for dry and dehydrated skin, for people of all ages. Perfect as a make-up base. As a complement we recommend the use of other products from the AQUA PLUS line - NIGHT CREAM, EYE AND EYELIDS CREAM.