TANITA CLICK PEN with cherry blossom extract PRECISE DEPILATION

with 20 strips and 1 post depilation wipes

Tired of unaesthetic facial hair? Try the brand new product from Tanita line which makes depilation of delicate facial skin easy and comfortable, while you may enjoy beautiful and soft skin every day. 

Tanita Click Pen with cherry blossom extract is the extremely simple and precise wax applicator with handy shape that has been developed for depilation of delicate parts of the face. Effectively and quickly deals with stubborn hair on the eyebrows, cheeks, chin and upper lip. Perfectly removes the tiniest hair with follicles, leaving facial skin smooth for even up to 4 weeks. Special formula with cherry blossom extract soothes the skin, eliminates irritation and prevents its occurrence. Thanks to its moisturizing properties, it accelerates the process of epidermis renewal, while the skin remains delicate to the touch after depilation.


After using the wax applicator, wipe the skin with the attached handkerchief soaked in soothing oil that thoroughly removes the remains of the preparation and additionally soothes and moisturizes the face after depilation.


- Innovative Click Pen applicator allows for easy and precise facial skin depilation

- Gently removes unwanted facial hair for weeks

- Excellent effect after just 1 use

- Suitable for all skin types