HONEY ― sensitive skin

Soft stripes with honey extract are perfect method for effective body hair removal. High-tech formula facilitates removal of strong hair and the shortest ones along with its bulbs. After the depilation your skin remains smooth and velvety to the touch even for a few weeks. Regular waxing makes the hairs to grow back longer and the new ones are sparse and visibly thinner.

DIRECTIONS FOR USE: Before waxing clean and dry your skin carefully.  Warm up two joined strips in your hands firmly rubbing. Carefully peel the strips apart. Place a strip evenly on your skin rubbing it for a few seconds in the direction of the hair growth. Pull off the strip quickly.  Remove remained wax with Tanita olive.

PRECAUTIONS: In case of sensitive skin before using wax stripes do a spot test in an inconspicuous area, according to use directions. If none adverse reactions occur within 24 hours, you can continue waxing. Wax traces remove with oil only. Do not perform waxing while your skin is irritated, deeply tanned, wounded or numerous moles. Single moles should be avoided. After hair removal your skin might become red. Skin irritation usually resolves after a few hours, depending on skin sensitivity. Store wax strips in a dry and cool place. 

Keep away from children.