JOKO Academy – Ideal Foundation

Ideal foundation is like a 'little black dress' – it’s a mandatory cosmetic in woman's vanity bag.

 Ideal foundation is like a 'little black dress' – it’s a mandatory cosmetic in woman's vanity bag. Mattifies, illuminates, smoothes and effectively lifts. It's like a second skin, it's the proverbial 'dot on the i' of every make-up. Thanks to it, the skin looks radiant, while imperfections become less visible.

At the end of summer we put light, illuminating and moisturizing foundations into the drawers and replace them with more nourishing and caring ones of richer consistency. In autumn the foundation provides additional protection against cold and wind. When choosing the foundation that suits our needs, let's pay attention to the needs of the skin, for mature skin lifting foundations would be a good solution, for dry skin - moisturizing, while for oily - those that cure - inhibit sebum secretion and have antibacterial effect, mattify and reduce shine. Combination skin requires use of balance foundation that moisturizes dry areas skin and at the same time regulates sebaceous glands. Conceal the discolorations with covering foundations. Remember that in winter your tan is fading, so choose lighter shades. 

“To avoid the 'mask-like' effect, match the color of the cosmetic perfectly. “

How to do it? Just do a simple test. Apply a bit of a foundation onto the jawbone, check if the shade of the product does not differ from the skin tone on the neck. It is important to test the foundation in daylight, store lamps may false its actual shade. We already know what properties the foundation should have, we know the shade that is ideal for us, the only thing left is to choose the form of application. This depends on the effect we would like to achieve. Cream foundation covers superbly, liquid one is slightly lighter, but perfectly deals with dilated pores. Stick foundation is perfect for concealing local defects, but it’s not recommended for oily skin, pressed foundation may be used wet - then it covers perfectly or dry as a make-up finish. Powder foundation blends well with the skin, while covering it perfectly. Mineral one soothes and nourishes, recommended for all kin types.

“The favorite of our customers - Cashmere Finish matt & cover foundation by JOKO provides the effect of intense, long-lasting skin matt and coverage without the 'mask-like' effect.”

Perfectly selected mix of polymers and pigments covered with microscopic silicone coating makes the foundation spread ideally and blend excellently with the skin. Vitamin C + E complex acts as a natural antioxidant, protects the skin against free radicals and external factors, moisturizes and nourishes.